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מדריך שביל ישראל Israel National Trail אשכול 3

Israel National Trail

מדריך שביל ישראל Israel National Trail אשכול 3

Israel National Trail

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אודות מדריך שביל ישראל Israel National Trail אשכול 3

The full guide to the Israel National Trail - Third Edition

The Israel national trail is one of the most exciting hikes in the world, expanding over 1000 kilometers from the north to the south of Israel. You can hike its' entire length, or just selected sections of your choice. It is the ultimate Israeli hiking experience, and you can do it easily with the guide that simply has all you need. This full and comprehensive guide includes 55 topographical maps (1:50,000) and 7 road maps (1:250,000).
The guide is the only place where you have all the trail maps in English.
The guide offers a full description of the hike on the Israel national trail in both northbound and southbound directions and the hiking profile - distance and height above or below sea level. The maps along with a day-by-day trail descriptions and tips make this guide your one-stop shop and all you need to hike the Israel National Trail. The guide is suitable for experienced hikers as well as families and individuals looking to explore Israel in a whole new and exciting way.
We have provided in the guide links to important information available for a free download:
• How to cache water in the desert, contact information of people in the Negev desert who will cache water for you, a list of trail angels, transportation from the airport to the trailhead in Dan or in Eilat and much more.
• QR code for trail changes with maps.
• Recommended INT alternate routes.
• Description and maps (1:15,000) of the Jerusalem Trail.
• The best 25 day-hikes in Israel.

  • הוצאה: אשכול|
  • שנת ההוצאה: 2016|
  • קוד פריט: 3571512|
  • מסת"ב: 9654204665|
  • ברקוד: 9789654204668
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